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I was born 1977 in Frankfurt. After school and social service, I started my career at an advertising agency where i quickly realized that instead of the creative process, i was more into the business aspect of companies.

The following two years of vocational training at Mannesmann Mobilfunk (now part of Vodafone) gave me a full rounded insight into the corporate world. Moving forward, I attended the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and graduated as business administrator (Diploma) specializing in marketing and finance.

Since then I have worked at several corporate jobs in the financial industry. I have supported the introduction of a trading platform into the German market and advanced the derivatives database at Germanys largest provider of financial data. 

As an entrepreneur I have developed several online and real world projects. Through my experience in corporate management, I focus on strategy, business development and finance – but most start-up companies need advisory in all business related activities, including legal and human resources, project management and sales.

I have a deep interest in the equity markets, and have been a private investor and trader for over 15 years now. Following the same principles and techniques, I’m a recreational poker player.

In my spare time I enjoy computing and creating – e.g. this website, video production and coding. I always look out to meet friends and like connecting with new people.

Boris Herschlein

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education and works

Kaufmann für Bürokommunikation

Vocational training as merchant at Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH (before the Vodafone takeover) at the Frankfurt branch.

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Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH)

Diploma at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences – majors marketing and finance.

Thesis: A comparison of Contracts for difference (CFDs) and KO-certificates as speculative instruments.

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Corporate Jobs

Extensive work experience in finance. Focus on derivatives, trading and financial data.

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Founder and advisor for various projects and startup companies.

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